Your health is your wealth

Pop quiz:

Is this current lifestyle trend of long hours, more devices for everything, driving, sitting, desk jobs, watches that do everything and more sofa time with 3 screens at once a reflection of:

  1. Just how society is
  2. Lack of personal will power
  3. Personal accountability

Or all 3.

We all know that technology and life are on fast forward. However, we also know WHY we need to build wellbeing into our day – daily. If you have no idea why, then send me an email and I can give you 10 very good reasons – one being in order for us to perform at our full potential our bodies must be performing and being at their full potential.

It’s knowing we need to do more for our health as leaders and entrepreneurs, yet only a small percentage actually SUSTAIN the results and habits as part of their lifestyle.

I think what most high flyers get stuck on, is the HOW.

Therefore it’s a very good thing you have me in your corner. I’m going to give you simple tips to get back on track with how you approach your vitality bank balance this year. To start treating your health with the same amount of importance as your wealth.

How do I know?

I know what it means to work hard and have a million and 1 things to do. Many years in advertising and branding internationally were hectic and demanding, then I launched my own business and I think it only got busier in terms of hours spent behind a computer, traveling, writing, thinking and sitting.

Yet I have always maintained my connection and commitment to fresh air, fresh food, and a fresh perspective. Always studied more and more about nutrition, personal training and remained active all through my career.

My mindset has consistently been about blending healthy, wealthy and wise. I‘m not a fan of inspiration without action so let’s express coach together right now:

My challenge to you does not take on board any new fad diets, strict regimes or convoluted big idea wellness plans this year but instead to run your body like your business. To give your “health accumulation” the same attention you give your “wealth accumulation”.

And we can get started right now:

Grab a sheet of paper, pen and a few spare moments of peace and quiet 5 – 10 minutes will be fine:


    What does the best sustainable happy, healthy, well and nourished, mentally and physically agile you look and feel like? When you get up in the morning, when you look in the mirror, when you meet clients, spend time with your family, are out and about. How do you look?  How do you feel? Take a moment and visualise what great is for you and write that down.


    Write out a typical VITAL responsibility list of what you usually do each week and not the tasks and goals you set all the time and never do.I’m talking about the real nitty, gritty of your career, running your business, family, friends, your ME time and the VITAL elements you have to do.


    Map out a typical week. Are you on the road a lot, mostly at home working, mostly in the same office?  Create your lifestyle landscape, generally speaking. For the next 90 days to 6 months at least.


    You’re busy. I get it. So let’s build small incremental sustainable habits that you can easily integrate daily without turning your life upside down. Here’s your checklist:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift/escalator – at airports, train stations, malls, work, whenever you can!
  • Make it a new habit to get up at least 15 minutes earlier to go for a short walk or do the Wake-Up Workout indoors or meditate and stretch. BEFORE you do anything else. Got kids? Then rotate this with your partner/spouse for morning and evening walks to build it into your routine. On shift work? Still, get up 15 minutes early before you do anything else.
  • Leave your desk at lunchtime – avoid going down to the bowels of the building into the basement food court – how about bringing your own lunch or discovering something new outside above ground near your office. Investigate fresh food delivery if you are in an industrial area or whether or not you can pick up something on the way into work such as sushi and a salad with healthy protein. Change your lunch habits. For example, book a walk and talk with a colleague and grab lunch on the way back then eat it somewhere quiet and uninterrupted. Not at your desk.
  • You DO NOT need a gym. Use your body weight and try exercises that require no equipment. I have not had a gym membership for as long as I can remember. Here’s the WakeUpWorkout PDF [] for you to do – 15 minutes, boost your metabolism, build it into your day. It works, it’s a no excuses workout and it’s designed for super busy, very driven people like you. Just follow the instructions as they are written. Remember – Technique over time.
  • Be accountable – lead by example, remember this is your one body – do not leave it another week to ‘get started’. If you are a parent, a leader in your workplace or your community are you setting a great example for others about balance, performance and healthy living? Are you demonstrating that you appreciate your weekly life and make great choices for long-term health? If not – why not? Get started with the first 4 points above and you won’t look back. Need some motivation on how to get started then have a look at my MINDSET [] section to get ideas and tips.

I am pretty sure nothing stated above is ground-breaking stuff – but I can absolutely 100% guarantee that if you apply these 5 elements your body, mind, and wellbeing will change for the better with lasting results. All this without a gym or fancy equipment.

Sometimes we lose our Mojo. It can happen overnight or over time. I can tell you though, you will get it back and that self-belief consistency and getting a real reason aligned with your goals is going to make it happen.

The wonderful thing is that with very small incremental changes at work and home you CAN change your life, your health, and your outlook.  This article is written purely to help you shift your perspective. That getting fit, feeling mentally and physically agile can happen at any age and any stage of life or career. It’s never too late to look and feel your personal best. In fact, if you truly are a leader in business and in life then it is essential you put energy and effort into this part of your world.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need a little 5min chat or reminder on what your Mojo may actually be and how to get it back. I’m just an email [[email protected]] away.

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