There’s the worry that they’re going to be cutting out half of their audience if they choose, for example, to only start talking to women vs men & women in their marketing. There’s the worry that they won’t have the same impact. 

The reason that I recommend niching is as simple as this: It makes YOUR life easier because it gives you a single person to envisage and ‘talk to’ in your marketing conversations. 

For instance, I recently ran a think tank for some business owners in Sydney and I talked about this in the room with them. 

Gabby was in the room and she confessed that she’s heard this ‘niche theory’ over and over 100 times before and had resisted it. 

I suggested to her that it was less about the targeting that this was necessary for and more about how she was going to be able to come up with ideas for content, to help HER with ideas of what to create videos on and to generally make her life a heck of a lot easier! 

She took it on board and created ‘Pete’. All of her videos that she now creates are with him in mind. Everything she puts out is for him. She tagged me in a post a couple of weeks later telling me that PETE actually showed up on one of her lives and was asking her questions about how she can help! BOOM! 

Niching when you’re using social media and wanting to do any kind of marketing is a bit like having a shower after you’ve been to the gym for a sweat session! It’s mandatory! 

If you’ve been sitting on the fence wondering how this is going to work for your business, let me guarantee you that it will help you create content that is 100% more powerful than if you don’t. 

You’ll learn how to do this at VISIBLE LIVE in 2019 and then how to apply it to the marketing of your business. 

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Looking forward to helping you with this, 


Nicola Moras

I work with leaders, business owners & professionals who want to build, create or expand their DIGITAL PRESENCE and use that to increase their REVENUE.

People who are READY to get themselves out there, they want the FRAMEWORK and the SUPPORT to make that happen.


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