What They Say

Debbie Eglin

Productivity Hub


With LBD, I’m surrounded with like-minded women with similar goals and mindset. Its empowering to help and support each other and know that I am never alone in my business journey. This group made it possible for me to meet and work with remarkable women. 

Kate Hewish

Horte Couture


The Brisbane LBD Group has been a wonderful support to me as I start out in a new career and grow my own business. The dinners, the conversations, the camaraderie and support. We have formed a close group that support each other and look forward to catching up with genuine enthusiasm – this is not just a networking exercise to tick a box. I love being a part of such a diverse bunch of smart, savvy women that share ideas, advice, experiences as well as a laugh!

Mel Telecican



Being a member of LBD means that I now have dedicated time to participate in meaningful conversations about things that matter in life and business.

I enjoy the ability to connect with a range of diverse women led by Paula Kensington who is entirely committed to the women she leads.

Franky Hillman

Frankly Creating


Connecting with LBD women has been an inspiring and wonderful experience. Helpful, genuine and connected – these women have helped to shape my business landscape both in assisting me to secure new work, as well as set up with the fundamental business knowledge to succeed. If you are looking for support and great conversation this is where you’ll find it.

Soraya Calavassy

Director & Co-Founder
neon black.


The connections I’ve made through LBD have been phenomenal! A wonderful group of women for questions, advice, referrals and support being a part of LBD Group has been a fantastic experience!

Kylie Jasinski

Prime Recruitment


Being a member of LBD group was timely when I started my new business and opportunistic as it allowed me to meet remarkable women in leadership roles, find mentors, new business connections and partnership opportunities. For me, LBD group is a genuine community with a heart, helping everyone grow and succeed.

Gosia Skotnicka

LBD London Member

I love LBD because gives me opportunity to connect with amazing women from all around the world in a very trusted and focused environment. The diversity of backgrounds, professions and experiences is breath taking which gives me opportunity to expand my horizons by understanding, learning and helping people who often think and approach things differently.

Fiona Jefferies

Diva Works


The LBD Group is an amazing group of women lead by Paula and has been invaluable in supporting both my personal and business journey. I love the monthly dinners where it’s a chance to celebrate the highs, commiserate on the lows and seek support from a well-connected bunch of women. You don’t have to go through the business journey solo – in fact it’s so much better if you don’t – and the LBD Group has a ready supply of savvy, whip-smart and trail blazing women that are only too happy to lift you up. I’d have no hesitation in recommending – and you definitely get your return on investment!

Elisa Choy

Economist & Data Strategist
Maven Data


For me, being an LBD’r means REAL connection and REAL conversations.

Kelly Irving

Thinker. Editor. Writer.
Mentor. Coach.

You never know what you’re missing in life until you find it. That’s how I feel about being part of LBD. To say this network has helped with my career growth would be an understatement, but I’ve also found knowledge, support, a go-to place for recommendations and advice as well as friends. You’ll get back what you put in so don’t just join and wait for things to happen. The network works when you make it work for you.

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