2020 LBD Calendar   $25

Kick start your year right with the 2020 LBD calendar.

Get organised and stay focused with key dates, milestones and workshops all built in for you – so you can plan properly and ensure that you won’t miss out on anything.

From big hairy goals to career milestones, public holidays and even family birthdays there’s space for an epic amount planning. And don’t forget your self care days.

Order today to get 12 months’ worth of goodness ready for hanging in your office – kitchen – family room… wherever you do your best thinking.

Love, LBD xo

A2 Posters(594 x 420mm)
Printed on 170gsm Silk Matt
Gloss laminate (perfect for writing on!)

Value Cards Deck   $28

Get yourself some value cards so you can refocus yourself and prioritise what matters.

In a world bursting with competing priorities, we know that minds can get muddled and paths can pivot with very little notice. That’s where these value cards come in. They give you an opportunity to pause, re-think and re-set your priorities so you are able focus on what matters most to you.

The process is simple: shuffle the cards and work through the deck by reading the statements to yourself quickly (don’t dwell). Then separate them into two piles – important to me right now, and not.

Play a few rounds, by using the chosen pile and repeating the process until you refine the ‘important’ pile into only 3-5 top cards. This will help to laser your focus and set achievable goals around your key values.

Then use these for the next week, month, year… however long it takes until you’d like to re-shuffle and re-prioritise.

How to Use

  • Shuffle the deck
  • Read each card & decide important or not right now
  • Make two piles & place the relevant cards in each
  • Repeat the process using the important pile
  • Until you whittle down to 3-5 top cards
  • These are your top values, for now…
  • Remember to play again over time
  • Practice sharpening your laser focus

A deck of 70 printed playing cards.
84mm x 55mm
350gsm weight, 16pt thickness

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