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Thursday, December 7, 2023
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sydney, NSW

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Sydney Quarterly Dinner – December 2023

$189.00 excl. GST

Our facilitated dinners in private dining rooms gives you the platform to discuss in confidence your challenges and opportunities, to share ideas and to learn from your peers.

Connect ~ Collaborate ~ Succeed in the company of like-minded, smart, savvy women driven to achieve personal and professional success.

This is much more than a business-card swapping fest. This is about sharing ideas, challenges, success and growth strategies. And most of all, building a network and relationships that matter for today and tomorrow.

Places are always limited, so book early.

Three characteristics of our beautiful events are set to allow

Safety Net – our exclusive dinners are always held in private dining rooms and have structured agendas. At LBD we create a safe place in which all members and their guests can give themselves permission to show up and be themselves.

Spring Board – as part of the agenda every person will have a spotlight to practice their pitch and have an ask. This means that we challenge with care, encourage each other to strive and believe when we might feel something is outside of our reach, our comfort zone.

Sand Pit – being at dinner, sharing with other members and exploring new ideas means we have a safe place to try out new things. Whether it’s advice, encouragement or simply ‘how do I..’ our dinner tables offers a great advisory board!

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