Myth busting: my people aren’t on Facebook

There are a lot of people saying “my people aren’t on Facebook” or “Facebook doesn’t work. Every time I post I have to boost it so people can see it”… 

Sound familiar? 

I’m here to let you know that there are a couple of reasons why these statements are untrue: 

  • There are 2.2B users on Facebook and 1.1B of them are on the platform daily. What this means for YOU: If you are selling something on average for $1000 or more, you only need to find 100 individuals to make $100K. Do you think there are 100 people on Facebook who need YOUR stuff in the way that YOU do it? Um. Yes! 
  • When we post, there is a small percentage of people who will see your posts in the newsfeed. With the volume of people on Facebook increasing constantly, there is a fight for eyes-on-your-stuff. However, I discourage anyone from boosting a post – you don’t need to. Post up on your Facebook page like it’s your blog site. A place for people to head over, get to know you and research you. It’s not about getting THAT content seen in a newsfeed. I know it’s a radical idea when we’ve had ‘engagement’ thrown down our necks for years. 

Instead, if you are going to give Facebook any money, it should only ever be because you are wanting to collect a lead, which is the contact information (name and email) from someone who has a problem that you can solve. You will email them the solution to their problem! 

Don’t give Facebook money unless you’re doing it strategically. 

It’s a bit like having a retail store and spending money on advertising your specials in an interstate paper! You wouldn’t do it! 

Here’s what we need to do to do something differently. 

We need to be showing up on social media with our audience in mind, knowing that they’re on there killing time, scrolling through the posts, keeping on eye on their children and their neighbours! 

They’re not on there to buy or to do business, which is great of for you, because they’re going to be a lot more relaxed and receptive than what they would be walking through a mall trying to avoid the spruikers trying to sell you eyecream that came from the bottom of the ocean floor!!!! 

We’ve got to look at it strategically and as a way of starting a conversation with them. 

A client of mine, Jo, didn’t think that her people were on Facebook either, but she decided to test it out anyway. Turns out there is a consistent group of people who turn up regularly to her LIVE’s, look at her marketing and who are building relationships with her through her Facebook posts and content. She’s reaching more people than ever before, growing her business faster than she ever has before and she’s having a blast doing it. 

If you know that you need to start using social media – and in particular Facebook – to reach your audience and grow your business, then come along to VISIBLE LIVE where over the course of 3 days where you’ll learn exactly how to use Social Media to do just this. 

You’ll walk away with a marketing plan that when implemented will help you generate leads, get more clients and make more money — as well as have a ton of fun with like minded business owners in the room. 

Nicola Moras

I work with leaders, business owners & professionals who want to build, create or expand their DIGITAL PRESENCE and use that to increase their REVENUE.

People who are READY to get themselves out there, they want the FRAMEWORK and the SUPPORT to make that happen.


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