More ZZZ’s please!



There may be something more valuable than money to some people right now – SLEEP!   

We’re already well into the new year, and the best-laid plans have seemingly become a distant memory for many people already suffering from “too busy” syndrome and not enough sleep.  

 A dangerous cocktail.    

 For some of you, it may be a new baby … or that new baby may be a new role, merger or a new business. But here’s the thing – if there’s something keeping you awake at night, it could end up keeping you further away from sustainable success. 

 Significant emphasis is placed on exercise and diet for general health and wellbeing, but a big part of this wellness and vitality picture is actually often left out.  The sleep element. Sleep is the most important thing that our body needs to act well, be well, think well and do well – yet so many of us just aren’t getting enough of it. All the training, incredible work effort and great deal making won’t help you if you’re starved of sleep.  

 Whether you’re suffering from insomnia already – or scratching the surface – learning how to use sleep to reboot your mental, physical and emotional hard drive so you can go kick some serious goals the next day is key to your success. 

 Why Do We Need Quality Sleep

 According to the Harvard Medical School sleep study program the following can happen as a result of a lack of sleep: 

  • Increased risk of disease and health problems – study after study has revealed that people who sleep poorly are at greater risk for a number of diseases and health problems. 
  • Lack of sleep exacts a toll on perception and judgment – in the workplace, its effects can be seen in reduced efficiency and productivity, errors, and accidents and sometimes the effects can even be deadly, as in the case of drowsy driving fatalities. 
  • What many people do not realise is that a lack of sleep—especially on a regular basis—is associated with long-term health consequences, including chronic medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, and that these conditions may lead to a shortened life expectancy. 

Quality sleep is vital to wellbeing. Yet quality, peaceful sleep eludes many high achievers. So here’s my top tips to help you get back into the land of ZZZs without turning your world upside down. 

Step 1 Recognise how you got into the habit of bad sleep

Stress, over-thinking things, over-training, a bad diet, long work hours, travel schedules, the wrong foods before bedtime are all contributors to sleep deprivation. Other areas include: 

  • Using the laptop, iPad or phone late in the evening, staying on social media too long or watching TV for extended periods before bed. 
  • Bad lighting and ventilation in the room or even clutter are also contributing factors, I know for me, I like to have natural light in the room and fresh air not air conditioning wherever possible.  
  • Unfamiliar surroundings, noise etc. 

Step 2: Get Back Into A Quality Sleep Pattern 

  • Avoid digital devices 1 hour before bedtime. 
  • Create a calm and airy room with good ventilation and limit external noise and distractions. 
  • Read a book (on paper) and one that is more novel than business so you can relax your mind. 
  • Use an app like OMVANA to play soothing meditation music and set the scene for your body and mind to wind down. 
  • Do 3 minutes of slow stretching before bed or try the Child Pose – simply allow your body to relax. 
  • Leave your phone outside of the bedroom. 
  • Creating a relaxing environment with a diffuser and essential oils is also a great idea.  
  • Try to set a regular bedtime and go to sleep time. 

Step 3: Know your own sleep requirements 

  • I know that my magic number is 6 hours – for others it may be 8 hours.  Get to know your body and what it needs to feel recharged. 
  • Keep a sleep diary to identify your sleep habits and patterns, so you can share it with your doctor or specialist. You might find that you start recognising your own patterns, and you can change some habits as well. Include the foods you eat, the time you go to bed, as well when you get up in the morning.  
  • Creating a relaxing environment with a diffuser and essential oils is also a great idea.  

Step 4: Be Mindful Of The Message You Are Giving Yourself 

  • Change your mindset about sleep. It’s crucial to not talk yourself into a bad routine and more stress.  Trust in the process of making some small habit changes and channel your thoughts from worrying less to a place of peace. If you keep saying “I can’t sleep” chances are you’ll not sleep well.  
  • Channel your thoughts from worry to a place of peace.   
  • Create a regular bedtime routine and a regular sleep wake routine. 
  • Keep a diary of the things that are on your mind. 
  • Make it a priority to focus on getting quality sleep back into your life for it is essential to be healthy, wealthy and wise. 

Know that you can get back into control and start trying some practical ways to get sleep back into your life. Take the pressure off and put practical steps in place to run your body like your business.  Make sleep a priority not something you fear won’t happen.  

Remember, you are in charge of designing the life that you want, so it’s crucial to be the CEO of your personal as well as your commercial vitality. 



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