Featured Member: Christina Guidotti

“Since joining the Little Black Dress Group this year I have really enjoyed the company of some like- minded and inspirational working women. It is quite special to be a part of such a forward thinking network. All the best Janine and thank you for your energy towards this excellent group.”

Christina Guidotti – Speaker, Author and Mentor on Personal Effectiveness

Christina Guidotti is an expert in Personal Effectiveness, helping you get more of what you want at work and in life by teaching the mechanics of productivity and the mastery of fulfilment.

Bottom line it’s not just about getting things done, but getting things done that matter.

Through her proficiency in the areas of Productivity and Fulfilment, Christina is a trusted advisor to busy people, and is passionate about helping them make every minute count, so that they can have it all at work and in life.

For 25 years Christina has consistently juggled a successful career in Retail then Real Estate Sales and Leadership, now her own practice in Personal Effectiveness, a husband and a 25 year relationship, two children, some personal time and all the whilst growing and keeping wealth assets. What’s quite unique about Christina is her stamina in maintaining energy, enthusiasm and optimism for such a sustained period. She is certainly living proof that her methods work.

Christina is a clever and caring woman who has walked many paths, and has the credibility to share valuable, inspirational insights, and crucial knowledge and skills. Her wish is that all busy people and their leaders will be positively overwhelmed with how she can cause a life of often struggle to ultimately become a life of loving it all.

Christina delights audiences as she shares her methods of success for getting things done that matter.

Speaker  http://christinaguidotti.com.au/speaking/

Mentor    http://christinaguidotti.com.au/mentoring/

Trainer    http://christinaguidotti.com.au/workshops/

Author     http://christinaguidotti.com.au/author/

Christina’s Book “How To Have It All” has been endorsed by:

Brian Tracy – Author of 55 books
“This book shows you how to decide what you really want, take charge of your life, and persist until you succeed!”

Matt Church – Founder Thought Leaders Global
“Christina is the real deal. She is a super house of productivity. I can’t think of anyone else in the country who could tackle such a massive task of chasing achievement and fulfilment!”

Christina Guidotti
Mobile: +61 (0) 414 670 838
PO Box 621 Toowong QLD 4066 Australia
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.christinaguidotti.com.au

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