How to not fuck up your online marketing

My kids and I have binge-watched Zumbos Just Desserts recently and OH. MY. GOD!!! Those creations look freaking fantastic. Well, most of them do!

We were caught up in the drama and the creativity and the competition. We picked Kate to cheer on from the start because she had this kooky and fun attitude!!! No BS, funny and poked fun at herself as well! (And then she won, so we were STOKED with our choice of champion!).

What I loved about this show, were the Zumbo tests.

We were shown these AMAZING creations – like floating Willy Wonka hats made of chocolate and desserts that defied gravity and then we were taken right down to the teeny, tiniest dessert possible! Absolutely incredible.

Looking at the finished desserts felt kind of overwhelming whilst at the same time inspiring. I was thinking, oh my goodness!! That’s extraordinary! I just wouldn’t even know where to start! And Zumbo made it look SO DAMN EASY!!!!!!

I see this play out in the information space and with online marketing.

People look at the finished product and they think WOW! They make it look so easy….

They try to ‘copy’ or ‘model’ what they’ve seen out there, but they don’t follow the recipe and the steps and inadvertently, most of the time, they fail.

In almost all of the challenges throughout Zumbos, people cut corners or didn’t follow the recipe to the ‘tee’ they rushed…Or they let their fear and their nerves get in the way, which, more often than not ended up in disaster!

Operating from a place of fear, or trying to shortcut the process  is a HUGE problem of epidemic proportions when it comes to business owners trying their hand at online marketing… They try implementing tactics WITHOUT a strategy and without a plan of their own. (Like looking at a cake in the woman’s weekly to make for the kids’ birthday and decide to use their own recipe or shortcut the cooking process).

It’s the reason why for years there have been catch cry’s of “Facebook ads don’t work” and “Online marketing is a sham” and “Don’t ever pay for advertising”. Because people just don’t follow the steps – in the right order.

You see, there are a billion and one ‘experts’ out there that will tell people what to do when they haven’t done it themselves.

There’s also a LOT of misinformation out there that is generic in nature and more confusing than enlightening. Think about these just as an example… the tripwires, do I need a funnel, should I do high ticket, should I have an ascension model, do I need SEO, do I need Leadpages, Clickfunnels, should I buy from Digital Marketer or Marie Forleo or from Jeff Walker?!?!?

UGH. It’s exhausting and incessant! There’s so much jargon (which typical internet marketers love because it helps to make them feel good!) and this, too, can lead to overwhelm.

Possibly one of the biggest mistakes that I see happening out there all the time, is that most people go straight to TACTICS and therefore they can’t work out why things aren’t working out for them. They bought a magic pill and, honestly, they are as good as snake oil. They just don’t work. Another good one, is trying to copy or model what someone else is doing. That ain’t going to cut it either.

Now, I know some things for SURE if you’re reading this:

  • You want to create a CONSISTENT AND POWERFUL presence
  • You want to create AUTHORITY
  • You want to INFLUENCE people
  • You want to be seen as a freaking BADASS – not as a trumped up copy of someone else in your industry
  • You want IMPACT and GLOBAL reach


I see it all the time where people do one thing and think it’s enough to just do that one thing.

That’s not going to work!

We’ve GOT TO THE PLAY THE GAME. And the game is both a LONG GAME and a short game.

I see you nodding and asking “yes Nicola. Ok. I get it. But HOOOOOWWWWW”.

First things first so you don’t fuck up your online marketing:

  • Start with a PERSONALISED PLAN of where you’re going with your marketing and how it ties into you achieving your goals.
  • THEN we get into strategy and THEN we get into the tactics.

Ok! So you’ve got your plan, that’s awesome.

Next step to make sure you’re going to be able to get an ROI for all of this marketing you’re going to be doing:

  • How do you describe and/or explain your Point of Difference? Your zone of genius?

Some clues to this if you’re not quite sure (I know it took me a while to come to terms with this one!!) are to look at the things that everyone asks you for help with. What is that you REALLY DO for people?

The third point to make your life easier AND your marketing CONSISTENT, is you need to know who you’re talking to online.

Yes, it’s the subject of niching! NOW. The disclaimer here, however, is that you can choose your niche based on a person or even on a problem. THE REASON I ENCOURAGE YOU TO NICHE IS SOLELY BECAUSE IT MAKES YOUR CONTENT CREATION EASIER!!!!

If you have a 45year old woman with 2 children in mind, career mum, married, stressed out of her brain and carrying a bit of extra weight, you can get a pretty clear idea of who she is. You can probably imagine what her worries are. What her stress points are. What her desires are and her goals.

It makes YOUR LIFE so much easier to think of her and then create content FOR HER.

This doesn’t mean that if you get a 32 year old single woman that you wouldn’t help her she approached you and you wanted to work with her. OR if a 45 year old man was a good fit for you, you’d still work with him.

This is solely to make YOUR LIFE EASIER.

When you’re creating content with ONE person in mind, it also helps you to CREATE CONSISTENCY and a solid platform for your AUTHORITY building.

FINALLY, what is it that you want to be known for? You need to include this at the PLANNING STAGE. You want all of the content tying into that thing you want to be known for. Is it inspiration, health and wellbeing, motivation, a healer or The Systems Person?

What do you WANT to be known for?

Then, when you’re creating your content and your marketing, you MUST do an audit to make sure that everything you’re putting out ties in with:

  • What you want to be known for
  • Is it reinforcing your point of difference and your zone of genius
  • Does it speak to your niche?

Earlier I was sharing about Zumbo’s Just Desserts and here’s how what I’m talking about played out in the show:

  • Zumbo’s Just Desserts is a show based only on desserts (niche)
  • The point of difference is that they’re FREAKING EXTRAORDINARY and creative and they had ‘ordinary’ people thrown into making them
  • To me, they’re creating a brand that is known for CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION, FUN and stretching out of your comfort zone

The people in the show who followed the PLAN, implemented the steps (recipes) and followed the processes created amazing things. The ones who took shortcuts or decided that they knew better…well…they didn’t win!!!

Follow the steps in here and you cannot screw up your marketing – even a little bit!

This is how we play the long game and the short game. Authority building takes TIME and CONSISTENCY.

If you want help with this, email me: [email protected] or head to to find out more about me.

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