HOW Do you get HERE?

As you sit on the beach, cocktail in your left hand, laptop in front of you, you’re feeling on top of the world. It’s not so hot that you can’t breathe, but it’s not so cold that you can’t just sit there and languish in the warm weather in your bathers and sarong.

There’s a slight breeze – you know the kind that carries that scent of coconut and salt water in the year.

It’s after midday and you were planning out your next course. A course that you’ve been encouraged to create for A LONG TIME now! You’re kind of pinching yourself, because this is what you dreamed about just a couple of ‘short’ years ago.

Sold out courses. Helping people all over the world. Residual income. FUN. Connection. Still some in-person delivery because you WANT to – and love it!

Isn’t it funny how just ONE DECISION can reshape everything that unfolds?

A friend sits down next to you. You put your computer away for a while – you’re all about being present and not being distracted by the pings of Facebook and emails!!!

She asks you specifically “How have you done it? How on earth did you manage to get HERE? I’m in absolute awe of you – I don’t know how you do it!”

You share with her first and foremost about why doing something like this was so important. What YOU said was that you wanted to have a bigger impact in the world. That you wanted to make a LOT (and I mean A LOT) of money. You wanted to help people cut through the BS and learn from someone who’s been there, done that and learned a lot along the way.

You shared with her that you found a way to systemize your knowledge. That this has in fact saved you so much time, because you can literally be helping people while you sleep – #winning!

The mere fact that you made the CHOICE to do this YOUR WAY rather than the way the ‘industry’ was telling you that you should, well, transformed EVERYTHING.

You friend asked you some questions, like “What about the tech side of things, membership sites and that kind of stuff…isn’t that all overwhelming”? and “I wouldn’t even know where to start with doing something like this”…

To which you replied “I played to my strengths and got help with all of that!!! For me, if I tried to do this on my own, there would be NO WAY I could have ended up here! You know, all that can’t see the forest for the trees stuff? Yeah. I had a LOT of help!!”

The very next question your friend asks (and you knew this one was coming!!!) was “What would you say are the main steps if someone else was to do something like this? I mean, creating a course out of the stuff that’s in your head, and actually make money from it? I mean… heck, I want this ‘laptop lifestyle’ too!!!! And if you can do it, I’m sure I can, too!”

And with THAT, you step into TEACHER-MODE (which you love, by the way. And you’ve been HANGING for your friend to ask this exact question. She’s intelligent. Motivated. Has great knowledge. She has a beautiful heart and a wonderful gift to share with the world).  YAASSSSS! This is what you LOVE to do. Share your knowledge with others! You do a bit of a clap, sit up a bit straighter in your sun lounge, and you ARE ON!

HELLLLO TEACHER-ON-THE-BEACH-MODE! Here’s what you tell her:

So, here’s the first thing that you’ve got to do. You need to do a bit of analysis around the CONVERSATIONS that you have over and over and over again with your clients. You know how one client leaves, the next one comes in and it’s like groundhog day?!?! Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what you’ve said and what you haven’t, because they all blend in!!!

HOWEVER, there will be some things that come up over and over again.

Let’s use an example of a family lawyer and most people come to you because they’re separating. The conversations that probably get repeated over and over (and over and over) again are probably things like:

  • Do I get half of the settlement?
  • How much are the fees to go through this?
  • How can I keep my kids
  • What should I tell my children
  • How do I manage financially while this is all happening?
  • How do we split everything?
  • Do I need to lodge an application with the child support agency?
  • What about my will

And, oh, probably a BAZILLION other things that happen on a daily basis.

So what you would then do, is determine how you can answer all of these questions using videos, pdf’s, audio files, etc, so that you can LEVERAGE YOUR TIME and your expertise. This is you providing the SOLUTION for them through a course or information site/membership site, that they will pay you to access.

You also need to ask yourself this: What do they need to KNOW in order to help them to move through the process in the easiest way possible?

That way, when people have consumed that information, the questions you then field are going to be questions that are personalized to their exact situation.

This saves YOU time and money.

It saves your CLIENT TIME AND MONEY – AND, they get quality information that they can look back on again and again.

You ask if that makes sense, and your friend replies “YES YES YES!!! What’s the next thing?”

The second thing you need to do, is organize all of these questions and solutions into a LOGICAL ORDER.

What I mean by that, is that you could disseminate all of this information all at once, but quite frankly, that’s probably not going to REALLY help them.

You need to break it down into sections – bite size chunks, if you will.

The way that I personally have built my courses is to take it STEP BY STEP!!!! Do step one – above – where we essentially just broke down all of the questions and solutions your people need and brain dump all of that out.

Next, we’re going to arrange that sequentially.

So, what would be the FIRST THING(S) your people would need to learn from you? This will form Module 1.

[HINT: I would go to your local office supplies stores and buy some of those notebooks with the sections in them. They’re AMAZING for doing this and organizing your thoughts. Just get in and get out…otherwise, if you’re anything like me, you end up with a whole lot of stationery that’s amazing….but you didn’t really need!!!! Ammiright?!?!?!?!]

Then you move onto the next thing that they need to learn from you. You’ll break it down into steps, you’ll share stories, you’ll share techniques that will help them to learn in the best way for them.

And then you repeat that for the third topic, then the forth, and you’ll carry on until everything is in sequence and order.

You ask your friend if she’s with you and she says “Oh my goodness, yes! You make it sound so simple. But…how do I make this available for them?”

Now, THAT is a fabulous question. The third thing you really need to decide, is how do YOU want to deliver this

Just because I’ve done it in the form of an online course doesn’t mean you need to!

Here are the questions you need to answer for yourself, so you can best determine what will be the IDEAL DELIVERY METHOD for you:

Q1: Do I want to deliver this in the form of videos?

Q2: Do I want to turn it into a course or just provide this to clients when they sign up?

Q3: Do I want to deliver this kind of information in a workshop-style setting?

Q4: Do I want to deliver this online first and include a workshop in the curriculum?

Q5: What’s my intention for this?

Q6: How much do I want to charge?

Q7: Does it make sense that people would want to then sign up for 1:1 consultancy or services once they’ve been through something like this?

Q8: Is this the best way that I can leverage my knowledge and time?

Once you have those questions answered, (and there are no right or wrong answers to this, by the way!) it’s time to create it in the way that YOU WANT TO CREATE IT!!!!

Remember, as well, you don’t have to do it all on your own. There are a billion technical people out there who can help you with the tech side.

The main thing you need to determine first and foremost, is if this is something that you WANT to invest time into creating

And if it is, then amazing!!! If you’re doing an online course or membership site-type of delivery, baby, we can hang on the beach for AGES!

Why? Because it doesn’t matter where in the world YOU ARE, you can still help the people that you want to help…without your physical location being an issue.

You ask your friend if she’s jiggy with all of that, and she’s just looking at you like you’re a SUPER HUMAN!!! You both laugh.

She says to you “You make it all sound so simple. Like I could ACTUALLY DO THIS!!! What you’re saying, is if I follow these steps, then that is going to create a FRAMEWORK for my online course or program/offer and THAT is going to be the thing that helps me to do more of what WANT, and WHERE I want to do it, right? Gosh, you’re amazing!”

And with that, you both order another round of mojito’s and truffle fries with parmesan shavings on top… lean back on your sun lounges and wait for the next hour to head to the day spa for a few hours…dreaming about the courses you’re going to create, the people you’re going to help and travelling to the most beautiful places in the world…and the day spas. Because.. heck, why not? You deserve it…






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