Foundations Setting – Clarity

Clarity – it’s a precious commodity

In preparation for the new year ahead, I have been spending time working through the steps necessary for the delivery my goal, my objective for the year ahead. As part of getting my foundations set strong I know that having clarity is important…

Challenge is how do I get such Clarity

What does clarity mean for each of us.

Def: noun – clarity is the quality of being coherent and intelligible.

To me, Clarity means an uncluttered mind, a clear direction to which you want to head, to understand your value, to embrace your journey. And ultimately Clarity means for me to really step into my power.

For others it could mean clean, clear and perhaps clarity relating to a precious stone, a diamond has ratings of how clear they are, called their clarity measure.

Imagine if we had a measure of clarity for homo sapiens….what would we call it… success perhaps..?

This is all well and good, but what if I have no idea where I’m heading or what my life so far has taught me. Then how do I cut through confusion, haze and inner chatter to get this nirvana state of clarity that you talk of


Clarity of mind for yourself is infectious, tangible and commands attention from others. I can see when people have clarity and when they don’t. The evidence presents through how you talk and articulate yourself and how you act with direction, presence and purpose.

With a clear mind it can feel like you have swallowed a secret pill that everyone else is searching for. When you are clear about your direction then you can be clear about how you fit into other bigger pictures, whether it’s your team, your employer even your own business.

When you are clear, life just seems slightly easier. The wheels are greased and turn with less friction. A bit like when you pick up your car after a major service, it just seems to ‘hum’ in tune, the feeling is just better…

Real clarity comes from hard work, from the ability to have a peaceful mind, to have a stillness and a presence that spending time alone without thought can bring.

I often find moments of clarity when I am sitting in a beautiful place, walking in nature, swimming in the ocean even watering the garden…. In moments where we can turn off or quieten our incessant mind that loves to be busy. That voice that loves to challenge our peace with thoughts and potentially harmful and untrue comments about situations.

If you need help in obtaining that clarity of thought, take time out this month to really sit with yourself and work out what’s important for you. If it’s easier, work out what is not important and perhaps that might mean to stop doing things that you spend time doing.

Think about a pure glacial lake in Canada or New Zealand, bring that vision into your mind that looks like blue ice with a certain beauty and clarity that can take your breath away when you see it. Think about yourself as that precious diamond, ensure your mind is clear and that your action plan this year is delivered with absolute clarity….

Take time out to reset and get your foundations right for the year ahead, it’s a very powerful investment of your time…


Paula Kensington

Paula Kensington is the new LBD CEO and an award-winning CFO and finance, futurist. She is passionate about people, planning and possibilities. Paula is available for keynote presentations and conferences. She also loves talking to employee groups, in town hall style meetings or smaller talent pools, where her experience and passion for the future helps to alleviate anxiety in the workplace, at all levels of an organisation.

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