Featured Member: Madelaine Cohen

“There is something almost unimaginably exciting happening in the business world right now. Something I have been waiting for since my last “job” more than 20 years ago.  A refreshing new energy gaining massive momentum led by the kind of women that are part of the Little Black Dress Group.  Business opportunity based on collaboration and the immense reality check created by grounded leaders who have quiet determination to set a new standard. It’s a privilege to wear my little black dress.” 

Madelaine Cohen started her career as a businesswoman and entrepreneur at the age of 21. With ambition, few mentors and a strong sense of independence she established herself as a merchandise and licensing consultant.  In 1995 her company MTM Retail Marketing was appointed by the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Organising Committee to consult in the areas of marketing, licensed merchandise, media and retail for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. For 15 years Madelaine’s company successfully won contracts to develop and implement Licensed Merchandise programs for Olympic, Commonwealth and Asian Games globally.  In this role she was setting new benchmarks in event merchandising. Her staff worked alongside Governments and Organising Committees with challenging targets, deadlines, and cross-cultural learning in the fast paced world of sports marketing.

Madelaine married Dr Michael Cohen, Chiropractor in 1998 and from this time her marketing work also spun into health care and anti-ageing, promoting Chirosports, the group of Chiropractic & Allied Health Clinics in Sydney founded by her husband in 1994.  This is a role she continues to maintain today.

In late 2006 following a four-year contract with the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, Madelaine was expecting her second IVF miracle baby.  She downscaled MTM Retail Marketing just a few months before the global financial crisis hit.  Timing was everything. Keen to continue her marketing career, Madelaine sought to establish a new business in early 2008.  Her business today, in health and anti-aging, combines world-class product with mentoring businesswomen and the privilege of being involved in one of the largest growth industries in the world.

Madelaine continues to market the Chirosports brand and promotes the vision of inspiring people to feel younger for longer.  She leads, markets and establishes anti-aging programs; working with health care practitioners, beauty therapists, entrepreneurial business people, sales professionals, and trainers creating diversified income sources to strengthen businesses.

A highlight of Madelaine’s career is working with corporate women worldwide, mentoring and helping them move from a career of lineal income and inflexible work schedules to free enterprise.  Madelaine’s own experiences in business that now span more than 20 years have enabled her to come from a place of practicality, supported her vision and actions for success, contribution and something greater than self.

With a commitment to a lifetime of abundance and growth, Madelaine is a non-Executive Board Member of a not for profit organisation.  She is also publishing her second book shortly, inspiring healthcare practitioners with her best ideas for marketing their business.


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