Featured Member: Kelly Slessor

“A mutual friend introduced me to Janine…. we met for coffee and she talked me through LBD.

I attended my first dinner a week later and I was immediately taken by the openness, honesty, commitment and true sense of a collaborative group achieving amazing things.

I joined the group a week after that and I can honestly say being part of it is helping drive and grow not only me, but also my business.”

Kelly Slessor is a mobile marketing expert passionately focused on targeting mobile marketing activity based on consumer’s mobile habits.

Kelly has over 12 years’ experience and started her career with British Telecom in the UK. She spent three years as Managing Director at Communicator Interactive managing campaigns for clients including Diageo, Suzanne Grae, Austereo, DMG and Constellation Wines, to name a few.

In 2011, Kelly launched her own Mobile Marketing company “BanterMob’ providing Mobile Marketing Strategy and Implementation.


RESEARCH: to find out what consumers are doing on their mobile phones….

DESIGN: design mobile campaigns, products and solutions that make interaction simple

DEVELOP: develop mobile websites, mobile applications, mobile advertising and promotions that get results

REFINE: analyse everything we do to see where improvements can be made.

Kelly Slessor is Co-Chair of the AIMIA Mobile Industry Group and a founding member of the Mobile Marketing Research Association.

BanterMob’s latest project is:


Kelly Slessor | Director
Mobile Marketing Strategy & Implementation
M: 0404 823976
P: 02 8003 7516

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