Featured Member: Carol Yang

carol yang“I was introduced to Janine and LBDG as I was looking to connect with others in a meaningful and substantial way. To talk about things that are beyond just business.  Rather, to connect on a deeper level about life… including work; with people who can inspire, challenge and support me in my journey. LBDG does exactly that.

I had always dreaded ‘networking’ events in the past as generally I found them superficial and a waste of time. So I have to admit that I attended my first dinner with some trepidation. What I found to my pleasant surprise was a group of passionate and accomplished women who genuinely wanted to get to know you, the person… not just you, the title. 

Every interaction since has been filled with lively discussion around substantive topics; all centered around growing and succeeding both personally and professionally. Janine’s mission to empower women in business is inspirational and I look forward to continuing to be part of that journey.”

Carol is the Founder and Director of Spring Forward; a life strategy and planning organisation that is passionate about empowering you to live the purposeful and fulfilling life that you desire.  Spring Forward is for individuals who are not afraid to dig deep to gain clarity and focus on what they really want from life; and who are keen to create practical, action-oriented plans to achieve their life goals.

She created Spring Forward after taking a hiatus from her successful 23 year marketing career that included leadership positions around the world with Procter & Gamble, and The Timberland Company.  The idea was born from Carol’s personal journey of self discovery to clarify her own life goals, her desire to contribute in a meaningful way; and her belief that life strategy and planning is worth doing at any age and is currently an under-served need.

In addition to Spring Forward, Carol is also the Founder and Director of Brand Touchpoints Consulting, a marketing consultancy focused on helping businesses sharpen their brand promise and create holistic brand experiences.

Carol’s personal nirvana is to make a difference by enabling others to create and live the life they truly want; and to have a balanced, purposeful and fulfilling life sustained well beyond her corporate career.  Carol loves spending time with her husband, Nik; and is a bit of a foodie – she enjoys cooking and baking (though she is no Masterchef); and loves checking out restaurants that pay attention to creating a holistic experience across all its touchpoints – the food of course being the central one!  Which also sadly means time at the gym to work off that plate of pasta…

Find Carol at [email protected]


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