Does your content get YOU excited?

Does your content get YOU excited?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to watch a mediocre movie. I don’t want to have mediocre conversations. I don’t want to watch mediocre boring ass videos on Facebook. Heck, I don’ want mediocre sex.

Who wants mediocre, fine, okay, whatever kind of anything in their world, seriously.

Yet. So many people are okay with mediocre content.

Putting out mediocre posts.’

Putting out mediocre programs.

Mediocre connections.

I want (and I am sure you do, too) to be MOVED.

I want to laugh with you.

I want to cry with you.

I want to be motivated by you

I want to be inspired by you

I want you to activate me

I want to FEEL SOMETHING when I read or watch what you’re putting out there…..

Anything less than something like that is honestly, a little lazy.

I also appreciate that sometimes you can feel like a little ‘ho hum’…

But that’s when you need a little marketing foreplay…. You can’t go straight into the ‘let’s just bang this out’ cause, well… mediocre.

When things click in, it’s great, huh?

So what do you do in the mean time?

Baby, you’ve got to do whatever the heck you can to make it click.
Seek outside inspiration.

Have a framework that you can work within to get you fired up and inspired.

If you think about the movies that are amazing out there, the ones that have won the awards and got the accolades, it’s because the audience has been:

  • Engaged emotionally
  • We believe the actors and the story they’re telling
  • We are activated at a deep level to engage with the story

Think about Titanic or more recently A Star is Born or Bohemian Rhapsody. We BUY into the storyline, the characters, the portrayal and for me, I can almost imagine myself in those movies, with the other actors, IN IT.

That’s the activation piece. The engagement piece.

It happens on an internal level. It’s not about clicking ‘like’, commenting or sharing.

It’s what happens on the inside.


If you’re not ALL IN, turned on, activated by your own message, y0ou content. Your videos, if you don’t WHOLEHEARTEDLY BEIEVE that your audience, your people need to and MUST listen to you, watch you and engage with you…. Then you’re faking it.

And faking it till you make it doesn’t work for very long.


Who wants to fake it?


Who wants to fake having good sex? I’d rather have the real thing, thank you.

Who wants to FAKE being an elite athlete when you’re carrying extra weight? It doesn’t work

Who wants to FAKE having belief and conviction in what you’re doing? UM NO.

Nobody, that’s who!

And it doesn’t work anyway.

So how about we get EXCITED about the content you’re putting out there?

How about you get so excited, turned on, jazzed, thrilled and AMPED about what you’re about to say, how you’re about to say and when you say it?

How about you make the guidelines or the framework work FOR YOU so that it inspires you rather than contracts and constricts you?

When you’re just going through the motions, your audience can FEEL IT energetically.

When you’re moving for the sake of moving…

When you’re putting up a post because you ‘have to’ …

When you put something out there because you know that ‘something is better than nothing’….


The momentum wanes.

The inspiration disappears…

The motivation goes into the depths of the place of wherever non-motivation lives (in a dark cave somewhere).

And finally…

When YOU put your content out there…

When you write your emails, your webinars, prep for your LIVESTREAMS, ask yourself this one thing:

Would you buy from you, based on what you’ve just put out there?

 And if it’s a NO….

Go back to the drawing board.

Sometimes putting nothing out there better than putting ‘just something’ out there because you feel like you need to tick a box.

No more box ticking!

Two things are required in order to reach your audience:



Executing these two things.

For this is how we help our audiences to get to know us and to learn to like us. It’s only through relationship building, showing up authentically that trust is built.

And trust is built on feelings more often than not.

So let’s get YOU amplified.

  • Own your voice and your message
  • Believe that your people out there are out there, just waiting for you to show up, to talk to them and share your wisdom
  • Use the platforms that they spend most of their time on and use these to build out your positioning.

There are resources on my website that you can use to do exactly this: and remember this: Be you, get yourself Visible and have fun doing it! Your audience aisout there waiting for you.


Nicola Moras

I work with leaders, business owners & professionals who want to build, create or expand their DIGITAL PRESENCE and use that to increase their REVENUE.

People who are READY to get themselves out there, they want the FRAMEWORK and the SUPPORT to make that happen.


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