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The LBD Digital Membership enables women to connect across continents, states, cities and regional centres – accessing a support circle far beyond their existing network. Deepening relationships, this membership builds lasting connections with frequency, finesse and – of course – a little fun.

Tap into an online community of women who support and champion your success and stick with you for each step of your journey.

What’s included in my digital membership?

Fortnightly Member Accountability Check-Ins

Dial in online to get help on what you need right now, a check in on how are you’re travelling, support in setting goals, and a group discussion on how we can help each other connect, inspire and succeed.  For member’s who want an accountability partner to keep you on track – this is for you.

Monthly Member Conversations

A 2-hour monthly session to replicate our in-person dinner format.  This monthly platform allows you to discuss in confidence your challenges and opportunities, to share ideas and to learn from your business peers.

Knowledge Library

Over 30 hours of video training on subjects ranging from building your brand, personal productivity, negotiation skills and so much more.

Exclusive Member Group on Facebook

Join in on group discussions, get inspired with new ideas and tap into a brains trust of LBD members, ready to use as your sounding board.

Monthly Dinners

Invitation to join 6 members dinners per year at 20% discount on a non-member ticket price.

Only 20 early bird places remaining!

Ready to Join?

Choose your payment frequency by clicking a button below and have your early bird discount automatically applied. A further 10% discount is available on annual memberships.

A Note From Our CEO

Great learning and growth come from challenging times. We know this to be true in all aspects of our lives and here in the LBD community we are no different. During this period of disruption we have come together more frequently than ever before in our 8 year history and covered more distance than ever thought possible, even in a global lockdown.

The launch of the LBD Digital membership is born out of a need to keep community strong irrespective of proximity. At LBD, part of our secret sauce is the deep bond and care that we have for each other as members and still we challenge each other to be our very best, whatever that means for each of us. We do not jump in to save, rather stand together and lift.

This new Digital Membership will allow connection and community online and become the thread of a new tapestry connecting women in business all around the world. Women in business all across Australia, providing support and expertise to all women who are looking to build their networks, looking for new perspectives in our capital cities and in our regional cities and remote towns.

As professional women in business, sharing knowledge, experience and tips with each other, our learning crosses diverse business industries, professional disciplines and cross-functional reporting, ensuring that no one feels isolated, incapable or insignificant.

Whilst this membership is all about being connected online, we still offer opportunities to join fellow members for in-person events once we are able to recommence. And with the building of wider communities we will be able to look at holding further regional events and global when the time is right.

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