Design Your Future: Stop Drifting and Start Living

Your enemy isn’t pain.

The real enemy is when you don’t feel much of anything at all.

As a speaker, trainer and coach to high-performing big shots like you, I often find myself face-to-face with highly successful people who can’t seem to figure out why they are increasingly restless in the lives they’ve created for themselves.

On the one hand, you may genuinely enjoy the work you do, you’re compensated handsomely, hold an esteemed position in your work and community, and love/are loved by those around you.

Yet on the other hand you’re simply less interested in the life you’ve created for yourself. What once excited you, doesn’t as much anymore. Your highs aren’t all that high, your lows aren’t all that low. And you don’t know why.

Other than the occasional frustration or fleeting moment of happiness, you can’t escape the feeling that you’re not feeling much at all.

Yet you still want to protect the life you have.

And life isn’t painful enough yet to change.

So you remain…drifting into a future of More of the Same.



This word keeps coming up over and over again when I’m with high performers: “Trapped.”

Sometimes it’s spoken explicitly. Other times, it’s lurking back there behind a façade of achievement, a quiet desperation that something is not quite right, you just don’t know what.

There’s a growing inner restlessness, the source of which eludes (and confounds) you. After all, you have so many reasons to be grateful, why would you ever feel discontent? Unsatisfied? Bored? Stuck? Or fearful?

Despite your resistance, these unspoken feelings persist.

‘Trapped’ is when you feel like you are living into a future of More of the Same.





It’s a death sentence for someone like you. Nothing will extinguish your fire, your drive, or your ambition faster than the idea of living into a predictable, uninspiring future.

The Most Common Fantasy

Predictable, uninspiring futures are often the byproduct of a life lived in a perpetual state of busyness.

Life is moving so quickly that you don’t have a moment to catch your breath.

Your work is never done. You finish 1 thing only to have 20 other things waiting for you. Your inbox taunts you with that red notification label of mounting unread messages. You’ve heard of “inbox zero” but know it’s really just a fairy tale.

Your responsibilities at home are never done. There’s always someone else’s needs to take care of. A broken thing to fix. An errand to run. A to-do list that never seems to shrink.

After emptying your tank on everyone else, all you want to do is collapse into a couch and disappear into a stream of Netflix.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients have opened up to me in a moment of candor to reveal the same fantasy:

“I wish I could just go live on an island somewhere that no one wants or needs anything from me. I can escape. I can finally relax.”

One of my clients said he was ready to trade places with Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway. All he wanted was to be assured a couple of coconuts, Wilson (the volleyball and imaginary friend), and complete solitude.

When it takes 110% of what you’ve got simply to stay on the increasingly faster hamster wheel of life, no wonder you feel trapped.

There is Another Way

Now that I’ve held you under water long enough, it’s time to bring you up for some air.

What if you could design a future that you couldn’t wait to live into?

I’m talking about the kind of future where, when you envision it, there’s such a deep, burning sense of excitement to create a reality that it instantly inspires you in this moment, right now.

What if you could obliterate the “if I only had more time,” virus that’s infected you and 99.9% of those around you? What if you actually felt you were in command of your time, truly believed you had enough of it and could do precisely what you want to with it?

What if you could free yourself from your own limiting habits and fears? What if other people’s expectations and judgments slid off you like Teflon? What if you could walk your own path and not give a shit about what anyone else thinks?

When you can tap into that kind of feeling, it’s like taking some kind of limitless pill.

Your senses are heightened. 

You become emboldened.

You act with urgency, intentionality and conviction.

Your mojo meter is on tilt.



Take Command: Design Your Future  

It’s time to break free from your self-imposed cage.

Command of your life is totally within your grasp. I know it because I changed my life, and I’ve seen my clients transform theirs through the same process.

You can harness your own power and Design a Future You Can’t Wait to Live into.


The 3-step process is simple:

  1. Awakening
    Awakening is when you are ready to take action and make change. Awakenings occur through the cultivation of deep awareness. You cannot change what you are not aware of. The first stage is to uncover the habits that are operating in your blind spots. Once your habits are brought out into the light, you can inspect them, trace their origins and disrupt them.
  2. Disrupting
    Disrupting is the process of interrupting your perpetual patterns and breaking the stimulus and response cycle. When you do this, you get immediate and profound feedback on why you do what you do, and how these habits may be serving or oppressing you.
  3. Designing
    Once you’ve awakened to and disrupted your habits, you’ve broken the cycle. You’ve created space between stimulus and response. You can now consciously design new habits that empower your future.

This is your process for breaking free and take back life on your own terms. For abolishing the future of More of the Same.

The process is simple – but it won’t be easy.

Take Command.







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