Being ready mentally and physically to deal with growth and success

5 Ways Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders can Run Their Body Like Their Business for Sustainable Results

Whilst profit is key when it comes to performance – the stress related to building, growing and developing a business, sector, team or leading a large organisation is creating some serious collateral damage.

The annual cost of burnout to the global economy has been estimated to be the equivalent of $428billion AUD. Such costs have led to the World Health Organisation predicting a global pandemic within a decade.

The preventative measure to all of this is to realise that YOU are accountable for your personal wellbeing as well as your commercial wellbeing. Whether you are in a role as part of an organisation, or leading others inside your own company and startup. The same facts apply.

FedEx is not sending you a new body tomorrow  – you must nurture and respect the one you’ve got.

Commonly we all know that health, fitness, ME time and mindset are crucial for success. So what stops the general “we” actually making wellbeing part of their weekly work and life?

  • Not enough time
  • Old school ideas on what fitness should look like
  • Thinking it takes an hour a day to workout
  • Laziness and lack of focus – let’s face it you’re great at pitching for a new piece of business but you’re too tired to get up and go for a walk?

I understand that there are many ‘reasons’ why you may not be fighting fit or feeling mentally agile to deal with the large loads of stress in business and balancing life – however being “busy” is not an excuse. It is what we do with our time that matters.

Ultimate sustainable vitality and success come from being the CEO of your business as well as your life.

Here are my 5 quick tips on getting back in the driver’s seat to create healthy habits for sustaining the growth and success personally and commercially.

  1. Start with the 1 percent rule – 15 minutes a day

No time  – nonsense! If you spend 15mins a day working on your fitness or wellbeing you will be 100% better off in 100 days. You cannot argue with that. So just carve out some time and stop telling yourself you need an hour to workout. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Throw out the old script of hour-long workouts, gym visits and having to flog yourself for fitness. Be inspired and have a variety.

So you’re running a business, balancing a family or transitioning with some new funding to work with a board of directors and shareholder results? Great! A perfect chance to revisit your health and fitness habits and give them a renewal that fits your lifestyle at the moment. Use your time in your agenda wisely. Replace long drawn out sessions with express sessions.

Ensure you are getting fitness at many levels into your week – flexibility, strength, cardio, and agility are crucial for total wellbeing. Ultimate Vitality is being 360 Fit.

  • Try yoga, get into a new sport just for fun but ensure you are working all the different elements of your body. Don’t just do what you have always known.
  • We get the greatest results when we do things outside the norm. If you sit a lot for work then look at swimming, yoga, crossfit, and functional fitness activities.

Go to experts, certified trainers and group sessions where those leading it REALLY know their stuff. Do your research and start slow. Good PT’s will intuitively ensure you are building a solid foundation before getting injured and taking yourself out of action for weeks.

  1. Consistency is key.

Exercising regularly in smaller amounts every day (whether that’s a bit of yoga, a jog, swim or some core exercises)  – create better results than binge workouts. If you’re still expecting to do the same workout regime you did at university then best rework that. New life, new responsibilities, new game plan. Start simple.

  1. Food is Your Fuel:

Be Conscious of what you’re fueling your brain matter and your muscles with. Load up on extras salads, greens, etc at lunch and dinner meetings, pack healthy snacks and bars you can travel with. Prepare for the week ahead. Even if you need to send your PA to get some basic snacks and healthy options at the start of each week. Do not leave your food choices to chance.

  1. Fresh Air is Your Friend

Nature is your gym and pretty much our playground. Getting out the door for walk and talks, ditching air-conditioned environments and taking movement outside is crucial for vitality.

  • Our bodies need healthy doses of vitamin D and our minds need to see different landscapes and stimulus.
  • “I wish I did this earlier” One of the biggest things my clients always say to me 7 days into the Fresh Air Challenge is HOW SIMPLE it was and that they totally forgot they were working out.

It’s not about needing to run either, there is a myriad of activities you can do from walking to cycling, swimming, stand up paddle, crossfit, boot camps, stretching and yoga – the list is endless. No swipe card required. Nature is your fitness place

Pack your workout gear while you’re traveling and explore a new city on foot before meetings. Build in weekend exercise time with your family if that’s the only moments you get to spend together – put the digital devices down and head outdoors. Sign up for a fun run or challenge your whole family can do together. Lead by example.

Overall  – we are not defined by our age or stage in life but our attitude, actions, and mindset.

Have fun, try new fitness ideas, go and do handstands or pick up squash again. Fitness and wellbeing have an immediate connection to creativity and mental agility.

As the ultimate leader in life you know you can start to INTEGRATE not negotiate wellbeing and vitality into your week. What is your why? You can’t lead others if you do not apply resilience, balance, and wellbeing into your life by example.

Get fit again for you and your family, demonstrate wellbeing to your teams by ensuring you are clearly creating priority moments for this in your time as part of you running your business.

This goes for startups to large organisation CEO’s.  People watch you and learn from you so if all else fails to remember your actions create your legacy.

Plan fitness into your Winning Weeks. Make the time transparent.

Start small, keep it simple, pick a shared goal, stay with the !% rule and try something new. If you don’t leap you won’t fly.  We are all athletes as leaders – we need to look after our greatest assets – body, and mind as your health is your wealth.

Get my Wake Up Workout PDF here to help you reignite feeling fit without turning your life upside down.

Yours in Mojo and Vitality


Nikki Fogden Moore

Nikki Fogden-Moore Speaker, Author and Global Coach | Aka The Mojo Maker, specialises in working with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high achievers in creating the life they want. She divides her time between private coaching, Corporate Vitality programs, Boardroom Bespoke retreats, workshops and presenting on an international stage for world class companies. For more information visit or [email protected].

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