Are You Inadvertently Confusing Your Audience?



I was sitting in the room recently where the question was raised about ‘What CRM should I use’? 

There’s not a simple answer! 

In the world where there are various names for different things, it can be confusing as to what to do and where to turn. 

And, the next problem is that different people have a different understanding of what something is. 

To me, a CRM (in the world of marketing) is the name for a Client Record Management system that allows you to record client notes, create optin forms, build autoresponders, email in bulk to clients, segment audiences and so much more. 

To someone else in the room, a CRM was literally a database where you store a client contact and add client notes. 

Abbreviations (and acronyms) can be helpful for YOU but they’re not always helpful for your clients, which is where there is a huge opportunity for you to do some really great work. 

Seth Godin puts it this way: “The vast majority of buzzwords exist for one reason: to hide. By obfuscating, lying, confusing, or just plain avoiding the issue, business people can avoid communicating.” 

This same problem can come up when you’re using a common language in your industry, but your audience just may not be familiar with what you’re even talking about! 

Why not start educating your audience as some of your lingo? 

It’s a little bit like a question I was asked recently by a client who asked about using Click Funnels vs Leadpages vs a CRM vs something else she was considering using. 

I took her through some education first about what Click Funnels even is and what I believed to be the best use of her resources in order to achieve the outcome that she was looking for. 

And that’s the key! People often have an idea in their heads about what an OT is (Occupational Therapist) or a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) or Head of HR. (Head of Human Resources). 

We forget that when people are coming into our worlds using the marketing that we’re putting out there, they often don’t have the knowledge that we have – otherwise we’re irrelevant to them. 

It’s up to you to educate them. 

So how do you do that? 

It’s a constant activity that you need to be doing. From doing some ‘basic bananas’ work sometimes – like literally spelling out what a CFO or CRM or a LP is. 

It’s about sharing some of your knowledge and identifying the problems that your audience have and then solving them through your marketing. 

If you’re looking at learning more about how to get out of your own way (and out of your own head!) when it comes to marketing you and your business online, then I invite you to come along to VISIBLE LIVE in 2019. Where over three days you’ll learn exactly how to do this in your own business so that you can be more successful with your marketing and therefore your business. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the room. 



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