A Little Black Dress…

Women are amazing. Not only in life, but in business. We are driven, we are focused, we are passionate and we are dynamic. We don’t just say ‘we can’ – we do. And we recognise that in order to succeed, we both want and need like-minded individuals around us to drive our own change and whom we can assist to achieve better results for themselves – whether that be on a personal or a professional level.

So that is where The Little Black Dress Group begins. A global network – and a network in the true sense of the word, in that we work as a safety net for each other – working to drive change and make things happen for our own businesses, for the wider business community, and for women in industries who are tired of hitting their head on that still extant glass ceiling.

We have members who are sole traders. We have CEOs of multi-national corporations. We have members who are just starting out in their chosen field – others who have reinvented themselves completely in a professional sense.

But we all have one thing in common.

We are prepared to share our knowledge, our acumen and our insights. We are willing to give our time to any member who wants or needs it. We want to help others achieve. We do this with honesty, with commitment, with generosity of spirit, and with kindness.

We are the architects of business change for women.

We simply do.

Every woman needs a little black dress.


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