6 fixable mistakes that make your newsletter suck


Newsletters are a fantastic way to keep your business at the top of the mind of your prospects and customers. With so many businesses  publishing blogs and newsletters, it can be tough to keep subscribers happy (and on your list). 

If your subscriber count has stagnated, you might be making one of these (very fixable) newsletter mistakes. 

It’s too long between drinks 

Some people only send newsletters or publish blogs when they’ve got something amazing to say. And frequency is mostly irrelevant if you’re offering your readers value. 

That theory gets thrown out of the window if your company newsletters (or blogs) are so infrequent that your readers forget about you between issues, which means you won’t be there when they need you. 

Come up with a schedule you can maintain consistently. You’re better off ramping up your newsletter schedule after a while rather than trailing off because you couldn’t keep it up. 

You don’t say anything interesting or helpful 

There. I said it. 

But fear not, this seems more problematic than it actually is. 

You do have plenty of interesting stories and advice to share with your newsletter readers; it’s just a matter of finding the right angle – the angle that gives your newsletter some zing. 

Share stories and news that actively help your readers. This will boost your credibility and become a trustworthy source and that’s when your newsletter will pull customers in. It’s  content marketing 101.  

Mix in news that’s interesting and topical to keep readers in the loop. Curating content is just as helpful as creating it and it makes you the person to stay connected with.  

You make your newsletter too long and complicated 

Company newsletters and ezines don’t have to be ‘War and Peace’. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. Newsletters are usually read over a coffee, on the train or as a welcome distraction between tasks. They shouldn’t need lots of time to read. 

Include multiple stories in your newsletter but mix and match the lengths so your reader can choose to dip in and out of stories, or read the whole newsletter. 

Your newsletter headlines are dull 

Your headlines should act as enticing signposts for your stories. Most of your readers are going to skim your newsletter, jumping from headline to headline and deciding if they should spend time reading more. 

I compiled this list of  awesome headline resources  to help you write really compelling signposts.  

Your newsletter formatting is a hodge-podge 

The words you use are important but the way you present them can have just as much influence on the success of your company newsletter. Your newsletter content needs to be visually appealing and too many fonts and sizes can be a real turn-off. 

Keep things simple with only a few fonts and sizes and use them consistently.  

Don’t forget to  use images  as well. Your readers will find it  much easier to read, which will help keep them away from that ‘unsubscribe’ link. 

You don’t promote your company newsletter 

If you want to get more newsletter subscribers then you have show people what they’re missing out on! Company newsletters were traditionally printed but now with a shift to online content, you can share your newsletter across lots of platforms. 

Include a newsletter subscription form on your website and share your newsletters across social media to entice new subscribers.  

Provide links to old newsletters so new subscribers can dip in. 

There you have it… six very fixable reasons why many newsletters suck. The same can apply to your blog. Or any piece of content you create. 

Be sure to take a look at your content and see if some quick fixes can’t bring you a lot of great results. 


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